Rockingham is our house brand and is based on the famous 18th century china factory in yorkshire, england where the hawley family came from.

The range comprises vitrified porcelain for commercial use, domestic tableware, teapots, kitchenware in metal, glassware, cutlery, Italian style coffeeware, bone china, caste iron and includes the Leila Baralee collection of quality porcelain and the Bartlett collection of kitchenware.

It is available in most retail stores and in the hospitality trade and also in Australia and the pacific.

Please refer to us for complete details of Rockingham ranges:

• China – View Catalogue
• Cutlery – View Catalogue
• Fine Tableware – View Catalogue
• Coffee and Teaware – View Catalogue
• Kitchenware – View Catalogue
• Handmade Silver Finish Metalware – View Catalogue
• William Barleet Collection – View Catalogue
• Rockingham RYNER Glassware – View Catalogue
• Acrylicware/Jam Jars - View Catalogue


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